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Monday, November 5

1:20pm CET

(Tutorial) FreeIPA, Part I - Jakub Hrozek, Red Hat

The tutorial will provide a hands-on introduction to FreeIPA - an integrated identity management solution. The FreeIPA project brings together several industry-proven technologies such as LDAP or Kerberos. Easy-to-use installation scripts and both command line and browser-based interfaces make previously complex task of rolling out enterprise identity management easy, scalable and accessible.
We'll demonstrate the installation, setup and several tasks such as user management or establishing a trust setup with an Active Directory domain. We'll also show the advantages of using the SSSD for client machines, like the ability to access identity servers offline.
The tutorial is mainly targeted at system administrators. Rudimentary knowledge of technologies such as LDAP is advantageous, but not required. A VM image based on Fedora 18 will be available for the attendance to experiment easily.


Jakub Hrozek

Red Hat Czech

Monday November 5, 2012 1:20pm - 2:05pm CET
Tuesday, November 6

10:10am CET

(Tutorial) Building FOSS Clouds, Part I - Sebastien Goasguen, Citrix

Do you dream of spinning up ten, twenty, or a thousand virtual machines in an instant? Discover and repair bottlenecks without moving a finger? Dodge the loss of an entire storage array with no-one noticing? During this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to leverage FOSS and Linux tools to build a powerful, scalable cloud that easily competes with proprietary solutions.The tutorial is aimed at those interested in building clouds and uses Xen and CloudStack as examples to get started. You will leave with a collection of pre-made tools that you can use right out of the box or modify to your liking. You will also leave with immediately useful knowledge on best practices and common pitfalls covering areas such as security, multi-tenancy and others. Tools discussed include Xen, XCP. Open vSwitch, OpenStack, CloudStack and DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet and Juju.


Sebastien Goasguen

Sebastien is a cloud computing evangelist for Citrix working in Europe. He has worked on virtualization systems for the last 10 years with a focus on grid computing and high performance computing. Before working with CloudStack, he was part of the OpenNebula community and designed... Read More →

Tuesday November 6, 2012 10:10am - 10:55am CET
Wednesday, November 7

1:50pm CET

Getting Started With Dragonboard for Embedded Development, Part I - Ryan Kuester,Insymbols; Victor Gonzalez,Intrinsyc; Kiran Rudramuni, QuIC

DragonBoardTM is a powerful, feature-rich development board that includes a production-ready module based on Qualcomm SnapdragonTM S4 APQ8060A processor from Intrinsyc. DragonBoard includes a sensor daughter card, RF (WiFi and Bluetooth) daughter card, camera and a touchscreen display. In this introductory session, developers will learn about the functionality of the chipset, DragonBoard and the module.  Developers will also learn how to load the DragonBoard with latest Android and Pragmatux (Debian-based) build, install applications, make modifications to kernel and learn more about the available debugging tools and techniques.


Victor Gonzalez

Victor Gonzalez is a Principal Engineer and Team Lead at Intrinsyc Software International, Inc., and has been with the company for over 7 years.  He is focused on software architecture for mobile and embedded platforms with specific emphasis in OS, driver, and board support package... Read More →

Ryan Kuester

Freelance Consultant, Insymbols
Ryan Kuester is an independent consultant working in Linux kernel--platform integration and operating systems for embedded devices. When not writing code for one of the many circuit boards on his desk, he teaches classes and mentors development teams. His current projects include... Read More →

Kiran Rudramuni

Karin is a Staff Engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (QuIC)

Wednesday November 7, 2012 1:50pm - 2:35pm CET
Rossini I

2:45pm CET

(Tutorial) Hands-On With Ceph: Object Storage, Block Storage, Filesystem & More, Part I - Florian Haas, Hastexo

Ceph is one of the most interesting new technologies to recently emerge in the Linux storage space. Based on the RADOS object store, the Ceph stack boasts massive scalability and high availability commercial, off-the shelf hardware and free and open source software. Ceph includes a massively distributed filesystem (Ceph FS), a striped, replicated, highly available block device (RBD), S3 and Swift object storage capability through the RESTful RADOS Gateway, and a simple, well-documented native API withlanguage bindings for C, C++ and Python.
This hands-on tutorial will walk you through the initial setup of a Ceph cluster, highlight its most important features and identify current shortcomings, discuss performance considerations, and identify common Ceph failure modes and recovery.
Good Linux sysadmin/devops background recommended for attendees. Distributed storage knowledge is a plus.


Florian Haas

CEO, Principal Consultant, Hastexo
Florian is a Linux high availability and storage  specialist, experienced technical consultant, seasoned training instructor, and technical writer.Florian has previously presented at LinuxCon North America and Europe, linux.conf.au, the OpenStack Design Summit and Conferences, and... Read More →

Wednesday November 7, 2012 2:45pm - 3:30pm CET